Being a Woman ~ A Guest Post

This spring, the Called for Such a Time team was honored to join Northeast Presbyterian Church’s Women’s Ministry Spring Retreat entitled “Lift Up Your Eyes”. Together we worshiped, studied, prayed, cried (of course), and were deeply encouraged by one another and our Heavenly Father. Goodness, these ladies blessed us with their passion for walking in Christ, and their desire for community! Maggie McKenna was a part of that day, and she shared with us some of her reflections following the retreat. We’d like to share with you some of what Maggie wrote as so much of it highlights the deep convictions God has laid on our hearts as a ministry team. Enjoy and be encouraged! Thank you Maggie!



I love being a woman. I am a mother to three daughters, have two sisters, three sisters-in-law, and a 90-year-old mother. My life is surrounded with women. I even have a husband that I cajole into watching “Pride and Prejudice” which, he claims, is turning him into a woman!

I know that God has a mission for women…we, the life-givers. To embody Christ daily as we self-sacrifice for our husbands, children, and, frequently, aging parents. God’s grace enables me, as a nurse, to be a part of women’s health issues. I know that just as physical health is progressive, spiritual health also requires constant attention. God wants us to be healthy physically and spiritually to fulfill this mission. Self-care helps us to be refreshed to fulfill our mission better!

I love women’s ministries. Women’s bible studies, retreats, prayer sessions, and Christian community has helped sustain me and grow my faith as we frequently uprooted and moved our family all over the country and world as my husband completed a career as a Navy pilot.
Women’s ministries helps me be a better wife and mother.

I recently participated in a women’s retreat with my 28-year-old daughter. The retreat was led by a ministry group named Called for Such a Time. One take-away from the retreat is that the community of Christian women needs to support each other during hard times, sad times, and happy times. Additionally, we must teach and learn from each other to love our husbands and raise our children in a Christ-centered home. I cherished the opportunity to share the lessons with my daughter. Christ’s example of servant-leader is the example we, as women of the church, all need to follow.



I encourage all women to find a place in the community of a scripture-based women’s ministry. It will deepen your faith and prepare you to be a better woman of God. We need the women’s community for support to press in and hold us up. To help us. To encourage us. We need each other! Mary, in Luke 1:46 (ESV) prayed, “My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.” We, as women, want to magnify the Lord. We desire future generations to call us blessed. That is a job well-done.

Maggie McKenna is a wife of 35 years, a mother of 3 adult daughters and a grandmother of 3 baby boys! She is also a nurse working in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and a women’s heart program at Providence Hospital in Columbia, SC. 

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